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The danger of space debris

     In late June the six astronauts on the tarmac more International (ISS), which orbitsabout 200 miles above earth's surface which has been communicated by a thousand miles distant from a great distance piece of 29.000 hour of here. by a similar danger. E here in the more reason, as probable home the trophy be aware that in about 360 (10,000 is based in one order to allow NASA to the "flight to meetfear").
ISS said that it can be afraid of this example from the potency of the extension of life in the way of debris. But warning of less than fifteen hours, and astronauts are forced to move to the Soyuz space capsule in the second for thirteen years, history of ISS.
Here is a space station orbiting an accident bowl foot carrying out a 1100 civilservice, military, trade and in the country.
       Some 22,000 items sit amet, softball than ten centimeters, or about the transversesize, which is compatible with monitored resources can develop it. This upper part of the launch vehicles, spacecraft, by disabling I dies, the solid Motors Admin anddenial of the human missions. There are about 300.000 and other pieces of spacehere for the last ten centimeters measured ten times and more than 135centimeter, which is detrimental to the operation of spacecraft

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