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Purple Color

No, I do not mean crowns used in the design of a color - purple is a mysterious and I think that's the spirit that I think of the delicate flowers that are purple in nature or pansy violet orchid.
Some people consider it a shade of purple. But this is not the case. Purple is the color of the spectrum is a mixture of red and purple and blue in different proportions.

The name comes from the color purple Tyrian purple is the color of the paint. Dye made ​​from shellfish. A century ago it was considered a symbol of royalty, only rich people can buy the shirt. Dyed in the colors of the shell are quite expensive. The color of the imperial purple.
The colors are distributed widely in you can see everywhere: clothes, furniture, art .. It is used in a lot of advertising is that it brings. Continues to be dynamic and unique.
And of course, is purple. Used in web design, you can play with colors like you. For example, in the aggregate. The atmosphere of your site if you add a little color who have websites that can Just look gay. If you do both of purple - which may be the case. Completely different, visit and model below.

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